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The Chef Alexander Trinci is born at Santomato from a simply country family.

He is graduated at "Istituto Alberghiero" (School of Culinary Arts and hotel management) in Montecatini Terme and he has started his carrier with his first trip in England to 17 years old.

Returned in Italy he has begun to work in the High-level restaurants such as ENOTECA DA GIOVANNI in Montecatini Terme, the splendid HOTEL VILLA S.MICHELA in Fisiole, HOTEL ARCENO in Siena and still many others. After these exsperiences He has worked a lot in foreign countries working in the big cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo and St. Moritz, where his culinary exsperience has assumed an international breath without forgetting the tradition.

His kitchen is based i,in particular, on the Tuscany's tastes and perfumes and on the modern rielaboration of the old local disches. A kitchen that looks at the future, but with a solid bases in the Past.

The Alexander restaurant has many enviroments that makes it perfect for any occasion ,from the work dinner to the romantic evening in couple or with friends and ,in particular, it is suitable for every type of ceremony or anniversary.

A restaurant at same time traditional and elegant, but not too formal whose purpose is alone one...always satisfy his clients!!!